Sunnundalu, is a classic Andhra sweet.It is a very healthy sweet made of urad dal,jaggery/sugar and clarified butter.



  1. Urad dal powder- 2 cups

  2. Jaggery -1 cup

  3. Ghee(clarified butter)


  • Mix urad dal powder,ghee and powdered jaggery powder well and make into small round balls.

  • Thats it the sunnundalu are ready to eat.

  • Stays for a week or so if kept in air tight containder.


I used the ready made urad dal powder from India.Actually the urad dal is roasted till red and ground into a finely smooth powder in a grinding mill or apparatus at home.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like Jamuns made with Urad dal! YUMMY!
    Hope you are sending this to RCI Andhra!!


  2. thats one easy peasy recipe madoo… i am bookmarking this:)


  3. laddu looks yummy!


  4. Hi madhoori
    sunnundalu nooru ooristunnayi..looks yummy!!


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