Brinjal Bajji

Brinjal bajji

Bajjis are one of the famous indian snacks which does not consume much time and energy in preparation.They are Indian fritters prepared with Besan/gram flour and generally a vegetable( the choice of vegetables used in Bajjis are endless like cauliflower,leafy vegetables,potato and peppers.)Here i have used Brinjal as a vegetable to make these bajjis.



  1. Brinjals – 4(any kind of brinjals can be used purple or green)
  2. Oil  for deep frying

For Batter:

  1. Besan -2cups
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Red chilli powder – 1tsp
  4. Ginger garlic paste – 1tsp
  5. Vamu -1/2tsp


  • Mix all the ingredients together for the batter by adding sufficient amount of water(it shd not be too thick or too watery).
  • Heat oil in  wok/pan on the medium flame.
  • Slice the brinjals into thin elongated pieces and dip them in the batter and deep fry in oil till golden brown on medium heat, keep turning them with a slotted spoon so that they are brown throughout, cooked  both inside and out.
  • Remove with slotted spoon and drain them on paper towel to remove excess oil.
  • Enjoy hot with tomato ketchup or any indian chutney.

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One response to this post.

  1. Hi madhuri
    nice one.will be very tasty if eaten with onion karam..isn’t it?i have tagged for a few things that u do daily.if u feel free the take this and write about my blog..u will came to know..


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