Vankaya Pachadi


  1. Brinjal(Egg plant) – 1( large)

  2. Onions – 2 (medium)

  3. Tomatoes – 2 (small)

  4. Tamarind pulp – 2tsp

  5. Green chillies – 3

  6. Coriander leaves – 2 tsp

  7. Curry leaves – few


For Seasoning: 

  1. Bengal gram dal – 1tsp
  2. Urad dal – 1tsp
  3. Mustard seeds – 1tsp
  4. Asafoetida – pinch


  • Roast on flame the brinjal and deskin. Mash into a coarse mass and add salt.
  • Take oil in a pan and add the seasoning ingredients and to this add cut onions,tomatoes,green chillies,tamarind pulp and curry leaves and fry them till soft .
  • To this add the brinjal mass and cook for 5min.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves at the end.

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