Plain dosa



  1. Urad dal – 1cup 
  2. Rice – 2cups
  3. Poha /cooked rice – 1fistful
  4. Oil – 1tsp

 For  Batter:

  •  Soak  the dal and rice for 7 – 8 hrs.
  • Then grind it into a smooth batter using water in a grinder,while grinding add fistful of poha or cooked rice.

Preparing dosas:

  • Add water and adjust the consistency,shoud’nt be too thick.
  • Add salt to the batter.
  • Heat dosa skillet/tava,apply a little bit of oil for the first time to the tava.
  • Pour a ladleful of batter on the skillet and spread it out quickly in a circular motion as shown below.

  • Let it heat for couple of minutes and then carefully remove using a spathula.
  • Plain dosas with peanut or onion chutney or even coconut chutney is delicious.


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